meet runette 

Being a certified lash technician specializing in lash extensions, Runette wasn’t always in the beauty industry; in fact, her previous career couldn’t be any more different to what she does now. She was employed as an accounting clerk for ten years before making the decision to leave and follow her true passion in the beauty industry.


Initially, she began by launching an online hair boutique but, that didn’t work out as well as she wanted, but soon she discovered the semi-permanent makeup world and fell in love with eyelash extensions.


Runette absolutely loves the feeling of making others feel good about themselves by enhancing the natural beauty that they already possess️! Lash extensions have been her true calling ever since, even pushing her to create her own training and line of products so she can share her techniques with others who wish to do the same. 

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184 North Ave

Jonesboro, Georgia 

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